Our Partners

Share Huobi’s internal research results and resources. Collaborate with 100+ strategic partners of Huobi.

What is the benefit of Global Elites?

40% Cashback

and HT bonus

40% of new member's trading Fees

Cashback and HT bonus for global elites,

which is approximately the profit of opening

a small exchange in the local area

Huobi Group Financial Products

First-hand experience

Offer of preferential policies

First-hand experience of Huobi Group financial products

and offer of preferential policies

Huobi Group Financial Products

opportunity to commission sales.

Offer Huobi-hosting

Activity tickets and

speech opportunities

Host local activities together,,

Qualified as lecturer;

,unconditionally participate in the Huobi hosting activities.


New Business Channels

Innovate financial business with Huobi

according to your entrepreneur ideas,

or become the head of local exchange of Huobi.

Cooperation Modes

Top Education Projects

  • Provide Huobi Capital/Raps/Eco/Blockchain Institute / Core Lab / News and etc.
  • provide opportunities of strategic cooperation with Huobi or other institutions recommended by Huobi in investment.
  • Share monetary policy and provide referral opportunities for currency listing activities

Private Business

  • Provide global network (get human resource, materials, network support, etc.)
  • Support API transaction (code required for API transaction and VIP CS and other services)
  • Private overseas business parties (high-end meetings)


  • ·Huobi World Tour (business meet-ups)
  • ·Huobi Carnival (integrated local events)

Who will you meet here?

We have high-quality members from over 20 countries and regions and the number of our members are growing.

Huobi Global Elites Application

Fill in the application

Can apply through Google


Conference exchange

If application has been submitted

Leaders of Huobi Global Elites will contact individually

and negotiate the time of conference

Making contracts

Formally sign a contract

after the one-month probationary period.

Huobi Global Elites Activity

Formally sign a contract

after the one-month probationary period.